2016 Winter Meeting Agenda
02 February 2015
5:00 PM- Food and Drinks
5:30 PM- Meeting
Clark Room 507

Attendance- ~60

1. Introductions (APO, Reps)

a. APO- Jim, Ed, Meg, Christine (Title 9), Lea (not present), Julia

b. Reps- Meghan, Bryce, Gabi, Hany, Jenny, Jenny, Julia (not present)

c. WHOI Lawyer- Christopher

2. APO Updates

a. Finances

i. Research funds and proposals

1. Ocean Ventures Fund (OVF) and Grassley funds ($5k)- notices have been sent out

2. Ketchum Award ($5000 for estuarine processes) donated from award winner at URI

3. Student research fund open to JP students through MIT

a. Travel to meetings

b. Encourage advisors to help students to do things (~1/2 needs to come from advisor)

c. Advisor needs to write letter of rec

d. Up to $1000 from MIT

4. Bermuda biological fund (BIOS)

a. Travel, lodging, up to $500 for equipment

5. EAPS has student research fund for small things ($100s range)

a. Conference travel expenses, computer/software,etc

6. Questions- Which to apply for first

a. Meg- Try to tap any of them

7. Look at ODGE webpage

b. Housing

i. New housing/dormitory

1. Should be open for summer 2016

a. Would be for SSFs

b. Winding lane will be vacated/sold as early as this summer

c. Oyster pond viewed as preferential for JP students

d. Possible for someone who will be around all summer to occupy one of the apartments

i. Responsible for reporting problems

ii. Checking on cleanliness

iii. Still in the discussion process

ii. Shuttles between new housing and campuses

1. Issues- more shuttles can be run to Oyster Pond once winding lane is vacated; unclear how many shuttles makes sense REPS responsible for polling students in future, may be problems with late shuttles- better solution would be a lit, emergency phones, paved b/w oyster pond and quissett, would involve about a million dollars and permits but is on the strategic plan, pavement is necessary for plowing, unclear when this would happen REPS should write letter to Dean Abbott guards would probably take you if necessary; there needs to be conversation that happens about transportation after dark

iii. Questions-

1. How many people do the new dorms hold? 32-34 (net loss of ~5 students)

2. We should advertise that guards can drive students Check this with guards first

3. Meg- if you’re working after 5 PM, you should call guard to let them know you’re there SEND REMINDER QUATERLY

4. JP students, cars, and grocery shopping – THERE IS A SEPARATE JP_WHOI SHUTTLE, TAKE COURSE, JULIE VDH HAS INFO

iv. Winding Lane sale status

c. Admissions

i. Open house schedule

1. March 14 & March 15

2. Lea should know about

a. Jenny and Lauren are helping out

i. Coordinating with Kris

3. They’ll be looking back at the recommendations from after last year

4. *Students would like to know their schedule, especially

5. We don’t know yet how many students, depends on funding availability and matches

6. We’ll only have 107 people if all 5th years graduate before fall (33 people in year)

7. MIT will again doing combined a EAPS & JP, but with separate lunch

d. Mentoring workshop

i. Meg- plan to have two mentoring workshops, one with students and one with advisors

1. We don’t have a method of taking attendance to make sure that all advisors attend


a. Most important- expectations (authorship, working, meeting regularity)

b. Students and Advisors should sit down at least twice a year

ii. Student point- it should be mandatory

1. Ed can talk to Rob about it

2. Jim and Meg

iii. Student point- this information should be available to perspective students

iv. Jim- it seems like there are some really general problems, Jim doesn’t think it’s reasonable beyond a few hours, it should be possible for incoming students but will be more difficult retroactively

v. APO tracks problem advisors through exit interview

1. Student point- exit interview is a terrible time to get that info

2. Jim- you can talk to APO any time and it can be confidential as long as it’s not gender related

3. Something needs to be done so that students don’t fear retribution

4. As MIT students, we have access to ODGE (Blanche Staton and Jason McKnight)- stays confidential and ombods at MIT can do interventions between student and advisors

vi. Book- make the right moves, section on mentoring (mentor vs. advisors)

e. Travel funds

i. If you’re presenting at a workshop, that counts just explain to APO

ii. $750 per conference per year

3. JP Reps Updates

a. Reminder to apply for funding

i. Through website

b. Update on Steinbach Scholars

i. Submit recommendations (Meg had a recommendation (Naomi)? For at large)

4. JP specific positions at WHOI

a. Ombudsperson/incident reporting for WHOI Students

i. Christine is TITLE IV officer

1. Title IX refers to sexual harassment, racial/sex/etc. discrimination, athletic discrimination, domestic violence, and a few others. Define actionable behavior as those that are “severe, persistence, and pervasive.”

ii. If you’re concerned about quality of the advising or education in the JP you can have confidential conversations with Jim to an extent

1. Resources- Ed coordinator, Jim, Meg

2. Rules change if it’s gender related- you should then talk to Christine

iii. Christine- attended training, run by many lawyers who deal the title 9

1. Ombudsperson person legally has to report any title 9 relevant activity, better for talking about other issues, person needs to be trained in social services or counseling

2. If you want to go to counseling or medical treatment, those can be treated confidentially

iv. Christopher Land (General counsel and lawyer at WHOI)

1. Sexual harassment, gender equity

2. Started survey and made title 9 coordinator, but not enough à just started full review (including title 9 and ombuds)

3. Main issue- no protection from subpoena

4. WHOI will file reports even if the violator isn’t a WHOI person (e.g. guest students)

5. JP Students can visit TITLE 9 at MIT (3 persons) or WHOI; information MUST be shared and investigated between institutions

6. Ethics level reporting can be kept confidentially, but contained by the facts

7. NOW is the time to give him information for his presentation

v. Question – what exactly is TITLE 9? domestic partner violence, sexual harassment & discrimination, retaliation, evolving terms; funding will be taken away from institutions that do not comply with TITLE 9

vi. JP students have WHOI counseling (5 free visits that are totally transparent, then insurance kicks in) as well as MIT

vii. Jim- right now it doesn’t look like WHOI is leaning towards hiring an ombudsperson because it wouldn’t behave like the students want it to due to Title 9 issues; cases can’t really be built confidentially, confidential reporting doesn’t build evidence or veracity if it becomes a reportable issue

viii. Julie- issue that counseling may not raise red flags when it should; Chris Lang- hopefully survey will catch those issues

1. Chris- there should be three tools – 1) confidential counseling 2) middle action 3) action against individual

2. Jim – hard to take serious actions with US structure unless victims come forward and make statement; counseling/doctors won’t lead to action, bottom line- someone must take action. Struggle for institutions- countersuits from people who claim they were falsely accused

ix. Meg- people often deal with inappropriate behavior from people with power; not actual abuse. Problem is that they do hold power e.i. recommendation withholding. Benefit of ombuds- would notice trends. Chris’ response- having an ombuds person wouldn’t help. Conclusion- they need to and willdiscuss this more

x. For JP students- talk to Christine

xi. Jim- there are degrees of severity; TITLE 9 deems severe, persistent, pervasive;

xii. Survey- really important to respond to it, should take about 30 minutes

xiii. Main reason that this was brought up- Chem students wanted to be able to talk about advisors without it being on permanent records

xiv. Students can said guidelines, or if there are questions they want students to be regularly asked

xv. Jim- there used to be a ombudspersons, isn’t clear if there were any benefits; person never came to APO with problems, Chris Lang trying to find records to determine what omsbuds person did

xvi. Student- scope of title 9; it has to be persistent and severe not just gender related

b. Proposed mandatory training for new JP advisors

i. Also go to committee too if you feel like you’re getting your committee

ii. In every disciple, you have another advisor from the day you walk in the door so that you have another advisor to go through the whole way through

1. Talk to JC if you think this isn’t done well enought

5. Effect of external fellowships on TA funding

a. If fellowships can’t be paused, does that money go to them eventually

b. Short answer from Meg- No, we can’t afford to mortgage the funding but APO should fund you at the end anyways, but this should be your advisors worry, not yours

c. TA’ing needs to be cleared with advisors

6. MIT course scheduling on Tuesdays & Thursdays

a. Engineering scheduled (MechE, Civil, Math) a lot of courses on Tuesdays & Thursdays so that students can’t come to WHOI; similar problem in PO, makes meeting w/ advisor or seminars difficult

b. Students should let ed coordinator and Julia know

i. Problematic for first years

ii. There are some people that just refuse to move their courses

c. APO advocating for skype/video teleconference at MIT

i. They can always try

d. New AV equipment in Clark 271

e. Options for linking/conflicts should be sent out with preregistration notices

f. Doesn’t matter to students if Marine Chem. is offered in spring or fall

g. Problems with Smith conference room

i. That’s not APO equipment (donor paid for with Smith upgrade)

ii. It’s problematic because it’s disruptive for the

iii. Check with Trowbridge or Ed Coordinated

iv. APO only has one classroom at WHOI (Clark 331)- they bought equipment in 271 but the room is not exclusively ours

7. Other Announcements from APO-

a. Undergraduates in classes- two here in the fall; they take it for undergraduate WHOI credit so their requirements for courses are different

i. Semester at WHOI (new this fall) similar to semester abroad, benefits JP because they count towards the 3 body requirments

b. Student reviews of teaching are available to anyone who wants to see at APO (binders for anyone interested)

c. Students need to fill out conflicts of interest form

d. Students need to do the safety training

e. Alumni really want to connect with people about careers (traditional or other) APO working on setting up system